Geography – What is it like to live in the United Kingdom?

Within Geography this term we have focused on looking at aerial maps. We began the term by exploring atlases and other maps, including tube maps, local maps and maps of London. Then as a class we looked at google Earth to identify where in the world the United Kingdom is. We then zoomed into the UK, then onto the county of Kent, then closer still into the area of the Marsh. Then finally we zoomed into the aerial map of New Romney. The children then looked carefully at what features they could recognised which led them onto labelling a local map pf features they knew.

After this we then focused on aerial maps within school and looked at a basic aerial map of the classroom. The children used this to support making messy aerial maps of the classroom using a variety pf objects. They all had lots of fun deciding which objects would present different things within the classroom.

We then began to focus on the playground and identified the features we could see. In pairs we then created our own aerial maps with symbols to represent features we could see. We tried to use positional language to support our partners to ensure the features were located in the correct places. Some of the children were even able to create a key to identify what these symbols represented.

At the end of the term the children completed surveys on what they liked and disliked about the playground and identified some of the things they wished could be on there. Using these surveys the children then created their own aerial map of what they would like the playground to look like.