English this term

So far this term we have enjoyed exploring the text ‘Into The Forest’ by Anthony Browne. The children have thoroughly enjoyed spying different traditional tale characters and props hidden within the illustrations.

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After reading the text, we have used and extended the conversations the characters had by creating our own play scripts.  We have also used our knowledge of the text to rewrite and include detailed conversations between characters by using inverted commas.. To support our understanding of the characters and what they might say, we have used role play to take on characters to give ideas for our writing.

Not only have we been looking at ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne, we have just started to read another one of his stories called ‘Gorilla’.

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The children took on the role of Hannah at the beginning of the story and wrote in the first person by describing what they thought her life might be like. All ideas were generated from a single image of Hannah sitting in the corner of an almost empty room, with only a TV to highlight her figure. After reading the text further, we found out that Hannah loved gorillas and felt extremely lonely as her father was too busy with work to take her anywhere. The children then used this for inspiration to write a diary entry by Hannah, explaining how they thought she felt about the events leading up to her birthday (extracts of the children’s work to follow).