Easter Overview – Pick and choose your tasks!


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It’s the Easter holidays and, for many of you, they are very different this year!

Here is a list of activities to keep you busy over the next 2 weeks – pick and choose what you like the look of. They are designed for KS2 in general (most can be adapted even lower), so the whole family can get involved.

There is no expectation for you to complete these tasks, but feel free to send examples to your teacher, just like you have been doing over the past 2 weeks.

Some of these activities do require a printer but there are many that could also be displayed on a screen.

Have a great Easter (and eat lots of chocolate)!


Kindness Calendar 10 acts of kindness to be carried out in any order.

Easter Craft ideas

Reading Years 4 – 6

Daily reading of Reading Book
You may read some of your own books. Please record this in your Reading Records.

There are also some mini – reading comprehensions in the Easter Themed section.


Vocab activities https://spellingframe.co.uk/
Children can choose activities to complete.

There is a selection of vocabulary challenges for a range of abilities.



Choose from a selection of images and tasks.

There are also a few Easter themed activities.

Why not take the opportunity to write something of your choice?



Choose from a selection of problem solving activities.

There is also a selection of Easter themed tasks.

Don’t forget:




All Home Lessons

Art – Zentangles

Lots of different examples of Zentangles.
You can pick and choose which challenges to complete.

Various topics

A variety of subjects.
Many of these mention ‘pupil’ or ‘pairs’ – these should be adapted to suit your family.
PE Look back at some of the Joe Wicks workouts. Can you create your own?

Easter Theme

There is a variety of activities with an Easter theme.

There are also many explanation texts – the children could create a fact sheet or a written report about what they have learned.