Year 5’s first Rock Hero!

Congratulations to Sophie B for becoming the first Rock Hero in Year 5. 

Sophie has persevered and got her TTRS speed down to 0.98 seconds.

Who will be next to get their speed below 1 second and achieve Rock Hero status?


Year 5 currently have 1 Rock Hero, 7 Rock Legends and 9 Rock Star’s.

Willow top 5 speeds: 

Sophie B 0.98 seconds

Aidan 1.22 seconds

Harry S 1.32 seconds

Lacey 1.47 seconds

Lily H 1.49 seconds

Maple top 5 speeds: 

Roxy 1.22 seconds

Erin 2.84 seconds

Louisa 2.96 seconds

Ryan 3.03 seconds

Medard 3.17 seconds