Extended Schools

As well as offering various sporting activities at after school clubs, the academy offers many other extra-curricular opportunities. Staff run clubs are arranged throughout the year and pupils bring home registration forms at the beginning of each seasonal term. Children may also register with Kent Music School should they wish to learn a musical instrument.

Abacus Nursery and Childcare runs an after school club from 3:00 to 6:00 pm every school day and breakfast club from 7:45 to 8:35. Please contact Lisa Evans 01797 369287 for more information on the activities available and prices.


Clubs will run from Monday 15th May – Friday 14th July 2017.

Maple Class
3.00 – 4.00 Miss Arnold & Miss Cox YR & Y1
Roway Class
3.00 – 4.00 Miss Barrow & Mrs Longman Y5 & Y6
Girls Football
Eagles Class
3.00 – 4.00 Mrs Lilly & Miss Day Y1, Y2, Y3 & Y4
Sewing & Cross-Stitch
Beech Class
3.00 – 4.00 Mrs Longman & Mrs Maxim Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6
Junior Hall
3.00 – 4.00 Miss Arnold & Miss Cox Y3 & Y4
Birch Class
3.00 – 4.00 Miss Arnold & Miss Cox YR & Y1
Birch Class
3.00 – 4.00 Miss Jones & Mrs Maxim Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6
Speed Stacking
Badgers Class
3.00 – 4.00 Miss Common & Mrs Gunn Y5 & Y5

The School’s Out Street Dance Club after school on Wednesdays and Fridays (term time only) are run by an outside provider. For any information regarding this club please contact Sophie on 07492 056712.

All clubs will take place regardless of the weather – outdoor activities will be held inside when it rains.

If your child signs up to one of these clubs he or she is expected to attend every week.  If for some urgent reason (e.g. doctor’s appointment) your child is unable to attend a session please notify the school office by telephone or in writing.

Please collect your child from outside the class where the club is being run or from the parent shelter if the club is in a hall.