Here at St Nicholas, we value the opportunity to share information with all our stakeholders using a variety of different methods. We see effective communication as a key element in the provision of your child’s education and value your interest and participation in school life. The school operates an open door policy which means that parents may talk to a member of staff at any time. If however, you would like to speak to a specific staff member then please make an appointment via the school office.

Weekly Newsletter

The school’s informative newsletter is written each week by the Headteacher and circulated to all children each Monday (please check book bags) and posted on the school website. Please see office staff if you would like to receive a copy via email. This is a great way to keep up to date with forthcoming events, celebrate success and find out what is going on in school.

Website & Twitter

Visit our website to find out general information about the school, link to the school uniform website or see what is happening in some of the classes.

Twitter is also used to highlight what has been going on at school.

Parent Consultation Evenings

All parents are invited to attend parent consultations twice a year, giving an ideal opportunity for teachers and parents to discuss their child’s progress and targets. Should parents or teachers have concerns, or wish to share information, at other times, then appointments will be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

Academic Reports

Each child will receive a full academic report during the course of the year. This is an opportunity for teachers to record an overview of the child’s achievements throughout the year for a range of subjects. Parents are invited to pop in to school and meet the teacher, if they wish to seek clarification.

Urgent Information

From time to time, parents may need to pass urgent information on to the class teacher, such as changes of collection arrangements. This can be done when dropping your child off at 8.35am or by writing a message in the home/school link book or homework diary. Please remember that teachers are very busy welcoming children in to class first thing in the morning and will not be able to give parents a private or lengthy opportunity to speak. Should you require such an opportunity, please arrange an appointment directly with the teacher.

Concerns And Complaints

At St Nicholas we pride ourselves on being an open school. If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s education please do not hesitate to approach your child’s class teacher.

If the matter cannot be resolved satisfactorily by the class teacher or is a whole school issue please make an appointment to see the Headteacher.

If this does not produce a satisfactory resolution you have the right to make a formal complaint to the Chair of the Governing Body. The procedure for making formal complaints may be seen upon application to the school office or can be found on the school website.

Information Available To Stakeholders

The following documents and information are available for inspection on request via the office or the website:

  • Academy Trust policy documents including the health and safety policy
  • OFSTED report.
  • The Statutory Inspection for Anglican Schools report

What Ofsted Say About Us

Ofsted, or the Office for Standards in Education, is the Government regulatory body that oversees all educational establishments in England and Wales. All schools, colleges and universities undergo rigorous inspections at regular intervals. All inspection reports are available for everyone to read on the website at